meet our staff (1)

BPUC currently has one medical director and ten mid level providers. Each mid level provider has a 2 hours radius in which he or she travels and will come by the facilities they serve every week/month depending on need. Our Medical Director will come by each facility once a quarter to make sure your needs are met and answer any questions. Please click the highlighted links for more information and to view resumes.

Medical Director: Dr. Samuel Bowen

Dr. Bowen is the Medical director and currently serves the Asheville and Virginia areas.

Mid-level Providers

Connie Kurth, PA-C serves the Hickory/Lenoir area.

Amy Espinoza, FNP serves the Fayetteville area.

Leslie King, AGNP serves the Charlotte/Greensboro area.

Kelli Honeycutt, ANP-C serves the Charlotte area.

Matt Ward, PA-C serves the Raleigh area.

Saliha Baloch, FNP serves the Raleigh area.

Dan Radulescu, ANP-C serves the Wilmington area.

Joy Ciaccio, FNP-C serves the Flat Rock/Brevard area.

Angela Kellermeyer, PA-C serves the Wilmington area.

Carolyn Mueller- FNP-C serves the Lenoir/Hickory/Morganton area.